Padel Rackets

Head Graphene  360+ Alpha Pro
The talent and skillful wrist movement of our player Sanyo Gutiérrez are not only the result of his...
Head Graphene 360+ Alpha Motion
Just as the name suggests, this racquet is pure movement. One of the most elegant players on the...
Head Flash Woman
The racket with the best value for money can be yours. The Flash is light and easy to...
Head Graphene 360+ Alpha Elite
Extremely comfortable and easy to handle, the Alpha Elite is the lightest of the new HEAD range of...
Head Graphene 360 Zephyr
The female model Zephyr remains the gold standard in terms of elegance, harmony and perfect color combination. With...
Head Flash Pro
If you are a padel beginner and you want maximum playing power at a moderate price, this is...
Wilson Blade Team Padel Black
The black Wilson Blade Team Padel racket is the perfect weapon for intermediate level players looking for of...
Head Flash Pink 2022
La Head Flash 2022 di colore grigio scuro e rosa antica, è studiata per le giocatrici occasionali e di...
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Padel Rackets: the best brands at the best price

On you can find a wide selection of Padel Rackets from all the best brands, such as Adidas, Bullpadel and Head. They will allow you to dedicate yourself to your favorite game with the confidence of having a highly professional and absolutely reliable racket in your hands.

Browse our section dedicated to Padel rackets. You will find different types (round, diamond, teardrop) suitable for every technique, you just have to choose your favorite. You will find the best discounted prices, and to purchase you just have to add your favourite racket to the cart and then follow the directions on the purchase form: your rackets will be sent directly to the address you have indicated.

By purchasing now, you can purchase with convenient discounts on padel rackets on This way, you will get a very high quality racket at the best price on the market. Buying on becomes even more convenient: for minimum orders of 75€, the shipping costs are completely free. Playing padel has never been so fun!