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The name of the Nox rackets is closely linked to one of its most famous models: the legendary, historic ML10 Pro Cup. Over the years, fans and enthusiasts of this sport have asked for versions that are always different and particular, with various colors and patterns. Here on you can find all the different versions of this legendary padel racket and choose your favorite. We can't talk about Nox rackets without mentioning the great Miguel Lamperti, an Argentine player who is considered among the strongest Padel Player in the world. In honor of this champion, the Nox Stinger 10th Anniversary is available here on, a multipurpose racket that celebrates Lamperti's Stinger: an unmissable tool for all padel enthusiasts. The Nox padel rackets line isn't just this: there are rackets for beginners or experienced players, for those who prefer to play in defense or for those who always go on the attack. Just add them to your cart and you will receive them directly to your home at the most convenient price.