Siux Tsunami 4.0 Luxury


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The Siux Tsunami 4.0 Luxury is a multipurpose racket created for advanced and intermediate level players. Furthermore, it turns out to be very versatile thanks to its medium balance and its round shape, which make it easy to handle. It has a relief finish 3D Hexagon Face, a technology that draws a honeycomb texture. This makes it easier to execute spin shots.

Another aspect that has been renewed is the frame, now a 100% carbon 6K bi-tubular, a material that offers greater resistance than the previous version. Its core is composed of an EVA Soft 5 Lamine High Resistance rubber. It is a very soft rubber with fast recovery, a material that provides the best cushioning in the moment of the hit. In addition, the cymbals have been made of Carbon 21 CarbonTEX, a carbon that provides magnificent resistance and thus also increases the durability of the racket.


  • Brand: Siux
  • Shape: Round
  • Balance: Medium
  • Type of game: Versatile
  • Player level: Intermediate / Advanced
  • Frame: 100% Carbon 6K Bitubolar
  • Core: EVA Soft 5 Lamine High Resistance rubber
  • Plate: Carbon 21K CarbonTEX
  • Thickness: 38 mm
  • Case: Yes