Siux Pegasus Grafeno 1K


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The Siux Pegasus Graphene 1K, a padel racket for players of advanced-professional level who don't want to miss the latest version of the legendary Pegasus.

Tearop shape inverted and a medium-high balance, perfect features for playing with a versatile style, perfectly controlling every stroke and performing a very strong smash under the net. This new Pegasus is equipped with a 6k carbon bitubular and the cymbals have been manufactured with 1k carbon and graphene, a combination that guarantees greater hardness, ideal for attacking play and for delivering powerful hits. The core is composed of a EVA Soft High Recovery rubber from 5 foils, to obtain a truly exceptional speed of recovery of the shape.

Furthermore, we can appreciate the great cushioning in the stroke phase, thus avoiding that most of the vibrations reach the arm. The virtues of this racquet do not end there, the Pegasus Graphene 1k has an aramid anti-vibration in the frame, a material that increases the absorption of vibrations to minimize the pain that may incur in the wrist or elbow. Finally, we can appreciate the shiny and smooth surface design of the cymbals to ensure greater flexibility which helps us to better control the ball.


  • Brand: Siux
  • Form: Inverted Teardrop
  • Balance: Medium-high
  • Type of game: Versatile
  • Player level: Advanced / Professional
  • Frame: Bitubolar 6K Carbon
  • Core: Eva Soft High Recovery 5-layer rubber
  • Plate: 1K Carbon + Graphene
  • Thickness: 38 mm
  • Case: Yes