Siux Genesis Power


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The Siux Genesis Power is the model the world is experimenting with. The Genesis range is here and includes the best features for demanding high-level players. The Siux Genesis Power is intended for the Vibrastop K-2.0 which is integrated into the core. Maximum vibration reduction and extra comfort in the shot. In addition, the core is made of EVA Soft 5 High Resistance Laminations, which offers greater cushioning with each hit to increase control and also provides maximum bounce on the ball.

Another novelty is the material with which the tops have been composed: Carbon Tex TITANCARBON 21K. This carbon offers spectacular power and achieves greater strength. On the other hand, the carbon-kevlar double-tube frame recommends increasing the life of the front blade when it hits the walls or floor of the court.

Thanks to all these features, and added to its teardrop shape and its medium-high balance , this new Genesis Power is a racquet multi-purpose paddle tennis racket. Therefore, it offers great control, but it is also a perfect racquet for attacking players. In short, this new Genesis is ideal both for playing at the back of the pitch and for hitting the ball hard on the net. Additionally, this new Siux racquet has been designed with professional and advanced level players in mind.


  • Brand: Siux
  • Shape: Tear
  • Balance: Medium-high
  • Type of game: Versatile
  • Player level: Advanced / Professional
  • Frame: Bitubular Carbon Kevlar
  • Core: Soft EVA rubber 5 High Resistance laminations
  • Plate: Carbon Tex TITANCARBON 21K
  • Thickness: 38 mm
  • Case: Yes