Siux Genesis Hybrid Black


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The racquet used by Chiqui, Álvaro Cepero, is the twin sister of the Siux Genesis Hybrid by Lucho Capra. The main change is found in the Black Carbon 3K with which the plates were made, obtaining a smoother surface. Furthermore, being black, the Siux Genesis Hybrid Black has a more serious and elegant design, perfect for those who love a more sober style.

As in the Gold Carbon version, this new Siux racquet incorporates a anti-vibration Vibrastop K-2.0 to reduce vibrations. This Vibrastop Siux can be inserted or removed according to our preferences. Observing the bridge we notice in the neck the PentaCore System, which contributes together with the Vibrastop to make the racket more stable. Therefore, this model can be used without problems by players who tend to suffer easily from classic elbow ailments.

In the frame of the  Genesis Hybrid Black we find a double carbon tube  which guarantees durability and exceptional resistance. It shares the same core as the recently released Siux Top models: EVA Soft 5 High Recovery Laminations rubber, ideal for achieving extraordinary recovery speed. The new racket from Cepero features a medium-high balance, a hybrid shape and a wonderful balance of power and control. Perfect for hitting from the net, attacking the opponent and defending from the baseline. This new Siux is suitable for high-level players or professionals.


  • Brand: Siux
  • Form: Hybrid
  • Balance: Medium-high
  • Type of game: Versatile
  • Player level: Advanced / Professional
  • Frame: 100% Carbon Bitubular
  • Core: EVA Soft 5 Lamine High Resistance rubber
  • Plate: Black Crabon 3K
  • Thickness: 38 mm
  • Case: Yes