Sane Padel Bag Black/Orange


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The Sane bag protects your sports equipment from shocks and thanks to the waterproof fabric and thermal insulation guarantees a optimal seal

It has three compartments with side opening to hold three rackets and to store sportswear. One thermal compartment with side opening, two upper pockets for storage and a large ventilated circular pocket for storing shoes. The handle is ergonomic and by adding the special strings, it can be worn as a comfortable backpack.

Technical data sheet

  • Manufacturer: Sane
  • Color: Black / Orange
  • Material: Waterproof and heat-insulating
  • Dimensions: 28 x 60 x 30 cm
  • Details: Backpack carrying system
    Three compartments for racquets
    A thermal compartment
    Two pockets for accessories
    A vented pocket