Head Graphene 360+ Alpha Pro

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The talent and skillful wrist movement of our player Sanyo Gutiérrez are not only the result of his strokes of genius but also of the racket he uses: his new and highly anticipated model, equipped with Graphene 360+ technology and Smart Bridge, provides unmatched comfort and touch. Playing with this racket will be like putting on a glove. Thanks to such a weapon, we are confident that the player known as the "Magician" will continue to inspire us with incredible shots that only he is capable of. Get ready for a new style of play resulting from the greater precision, comfort and feel of the Alpha Pro racquet. And let yourself be amazed by its innovative design.


  • Brand: Head
  • Shape: Tear
  • Player level: Advanced / Professional
  • Structure: Graphene 360+
  • Core: Power Foam
  • Balance: medium 270 cm2
  • Thickness: 38 mm
  • Weight: 375 gr
  • Case: No