Alphapadel Syrax Carbon Evo IV


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The padel rackets of the Syrax line are the most versatile and balanced of the whole Alphapadel range, thanks to the round shape and the perfectly balanced weight which give great handling and lightness. All Syrax have been designed with different structural reinforcement points of which the most critical with very resistant INNEGRA fiber. The Syrax Carbon Evo IV is produced with a Carbon frame and structure, the touch and response are medium hard, the sound is dry and the ball is managed in a simple and intuitive way. In addition, this model, thanks to the central core in EVA Ultrasoft rubber, is ideal for both beginners and mid-level players .


  • Brand: Alphapadel
  • Shape: Hybrid
  • Balance: Medium
  • Player level: Intermediate
  • Frame: 3K Carbon
  • Core: Eva LA 15
  • Thickness: 38 mm
  • Weight: 350 gr